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20. - 26.1.2009

2004 - 2009
The long-exposure photographs document the blossoming, growth and finally the slow fading of bouquets of tulips. The length of exposure was determined according to the relative bouquet. If one had faded after five days, the exposure was ended. If it lasted for seven days, so did the exposure. The motif took over the control from Michael Wesely by determining the length of exposure. Although the process of blossoming and fading seems to remain the same, the photos differ surprisingly from each other. In one case, the tulip´s blossoming may dominate, but in another, it might be the fading stage that is recorded in the photograph. The natural process of blossom and decay retains its individual significance, which would not be as evident in reality. The photographs actually show us more than we would be able to see in nature.